9:29 Prayer Challenge

The 9:29 Prayer Challenge is an initiative to host a continuous chain of prayer around the globe for racial justice and healing on the anniversary of the death of Mr George Floyd, with each link taking a knee and praying for 9 minutes and 29 minutes, the time which Mr Floyd had a knee on his neck.  

The initiative is a joint collaboration between the Crush Racism Challenge and the Sankofa Collective.

The format is very simple: we are encouraging individuals, small groups, churches and other organisations to take a knee and pray for 9 minutes and 29 seconds at 8:30pm in their time zone.

In the UK, we are also hosting an online session starting at 8:20pm BST ( 2:20pm CT) that will comprise a period of silence, a period of prayer led by Pastor Patrick Ngwolo (the pastor of George Floyd) and a period of declarations.

The meeting will take place on Zoom and will also be livestreamed to our Crush Racism Challenge Group.

The initiative turns that now infamous 9 minutes and 29 seconds on its head and the core 9 minutes and 29 seconds of the program will be done while taking a knee.

The format is as follows:

8:20pm (2:20pm CT) - Introductions

2 minutes silence

Prayer for racial justice and healing (Pastor Patrick Ngwolo)

Declarations for racial justice and healing 

(co-hosts Jenny Lee and Dr Lisa Adjei with Invited guests)

8:39:29 (2:39:29) - End

8:40pm (2:40pm CT) - Thanks and Close

About the Crush Racism Challenge

The Crush Racism Challenge is an initiative set up to equip, encourage and empower those who understand that Black Lives Matter and are willing to do something about it. CRUSH stands for Committed and Resilient Until Something Happens. The Challenge is focussed on transformative action and the group comprises men and women of all ages, nationalities, faiths and walks of life who are committed to ending racism.

#About the Sankofa Collective

The Sankofa Collective is a community of Christians who are passionate about learning our collective history, engaging in lament and repentance, and seeking ways to walk towards racial justice. ‘Sankofa’ is a word used by the Akan tribe in Ghana and is a compound of three words - san (return), ko (go), and fa (look, seek, take). We must go back and learn from the past in order to build a better future.