Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the questions we get asked most frequently.

Q. Is the festival at a cinema or online?

In 2020 due to the Covid-19 restrictions we opted to host the entire festival online so anyone anywhere can join us to celebrate these incredible filmmakers and their stories. We will back in cinemas in 2021 - we hope!

Q. If I miss a screening will I get the chance to watch it later?

Most Screenings will be available for 24 hours. However if you miss the Live you will miss out on the Interactive Director Q&A. A small number of films will only be available for the screening and will not be available afterwards.

Q. Is this Pay What You Can thing for real?

Yes it is!  We know that times are hard for some and we do not want anyone to be excluded. We also know that others want to give into the vision of celebrating untold stories, challenging perspectives and changing lives and are passionate about including others in that journey. This provides an opportunity for them to give more than the purchase price to help support others. So just get your gift card for what you can and your festival pass will be winging its way to you!

Q. Is I Will Tell a Black film festival?

The Festival has a significant focus on the Black community, but as we learnt from Martin Luther King Jr. we cannot fight for justice for our Black brothers and sisters and ignore the plight of others who are our neighbours. The year 2020 has made it clear to all how desperate the situation is with racism against Black people in particular, and has been for centuries. Therefore we unashamedly celebrate black stories and black filmmakers from across the Globe. However we do not exclude significant stories from other people, near and far, who have been hidden, forgotten and ignored.

Q. Is I Will Tell a Christian film festival?

The Festival was founded by Trinidadian Jenny Lee who was inspired by her Christian faith to tackle some of life’s big questions and to shine a light of hope on those who have been overlooked, under-served or mis-represented. I Will Tell is a festival for anyone who is concerned with issues such as race, social justice, relationship, faith, war and peace, gender issues, global politics and community cohesiveness. Our invitation is to be challenged by these powerful stories, and people can take from the experience what is most relevant to them.